Local companies expect Biden's decision to open ports 24 hours a day, seven days a week will help alleviate supply shortages.
ByFunAsia 15 Oct 2021 12:36 AM 152

Major shops and shipping corporations are ramping up operations intending to resolve nationwide supply chain concerns. That is wreaking havoc on businesses and industries. President Joe Biden stated that two of the country's busiest ports operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From huge merchants to small companies in North Texas, the repercussions get felt. Because of supply chain challenges they've been dealing with all year, some merchants ask customers to shop early for the holidays.

Kristen Miller's boutique, All Good Things, in Bishop Arts, has been preparing for the holiday season since January. "Everything right now is so up in the air," she explained. "It's difficult for me to make promises to my customers since I'm not sure." However, she has yet to get several festive goods that she ordered months ago. Miller has had to deal with back-ordered items and delayed shipping dates.

When we're trying to get an estimated ship date or something like that, it's just hard to acquire a date from anyone because they don't have one. That's not possible to provide it, and according to Miller, vendors informed her as early as last summer that supply chain issues could cause shipments to get delayed.

So it may be back-ordered wicks in a candle, and it's just one thing that's keeping anything from going into production, she explained.

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