Leaders in Dallas and the surrounding counties have pledged to educate victims of domestic violence about their legal rights.
ByFunAsia 22 Oct 2021 10:01 PM 42

Local law enforcement agencies announced Thursday that two little-known provisions of the Texas Property Code that can help domestic violence victims would get outlined on pamphlets. Other materials were carried by Dallas police officers and provided to victims to help them escape abusers.

Officials said the combined effort between the police department and county organizations helps victims learn about legal resources and relieve officers of their domestic offenses workload. The statutes outline how victims can break their home leases and reclaim their personal belongings while being protected.

"We need to deliver a message to our victims and those who are suffering the consequences that we are all here to assist," Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said. The decision comes as the town has seen an increase in household criminal offenses in recent times. The number of family abuse offenses increased in the first half of 2021, and felony domestic abuse attacks increased by almost 13.6 percent last year.

According to Garcia, family aggravated assaults are down around 2% year to date, but they are "extremely underreported." He continued, "What we should all anticipate from our law enforcement authorities in this county is a joint effort to spread the information about the two clauses."

“It's amazing how many law enforcement officers, legal professionals, and members of the general public are unaware of this remedy,” Orozco added. “The whole public should be aware of this right away.”

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