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Lab testing worker confesses to stealing from elderly at Lewisville retirement home
ByHarshal 17 Oct 2020 08:36 PM 58

A Lab Testing worker has been arrested after she confessed her link to a Lewisville retirement home theft.

According to reports from the Police officers, she stole from the elderly while pretending to administer a follow-up COVID-19 test.

Officers stated that they are trying to find out how long she has been doing that. Garland police officers confirmed that she committed a similar crime in September and pawning the jewelry she stole.

On Sept. 14, Laketa Calhoun visited a resident at an assisted living facility called Brookdale Club Hill, says Garland Police officer.

She told the resident that she has come to collect a urine sample and distracted the resident to steal more than a thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry from the apartment.

Officers said that she works for Medical Lab Partners and have used the same story to distract multiple residents at Discovery Village at Castle Hills in Lewisville last week and told residents that they need to get retested for COVID-19.

Officers could find Calhoun at a pawn shop where she pawned some stolen items.

Garland Police Officer Felicia Jones said, “We have a database in which we look into pawn shops and see if there was any property that had been pawned there.”

“That’s how we were able to locate her on video pawning property that did belong to our victim,” the officer added.

Now Calhoun has confessed to the crimes she committed at Discovery Village.

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