Kangana Ranaut criticizes Bollywood producers for publicizing release dates.
ByFunAsia 02 Oct 2021 09:16 PM 136

Bollywood directors have been revealing launch dates for their long-awaited films after the Maharashtra government authorized the restoration of cinemas. Kangana Ranaut resorted to Instagram to send a scathing statement to each of them. Kangana commented in her Instagram post, "Dumb Bollywood resting for months on end now unexpectedly declaring launch dates as if audiences have nothing else to do than see their trashy movies."

Strangely, Kangana Ranaut's film "Thalaivii" was released in theatres on September 10, but Maharashtra gets not included because cinemas were not open at the time. Her film gets quickly given access to OTT after its initial launch. It is a good time for folks like us. Kangana remarked on her effort to get her movies released. We will not be getting a solo album. We cannot find sufficient screens, and even when we do, the programs are not decent.

Vendors and cinemas get controlled by big companies and mafias. We only focus on high material. That's how I've gotten this far.” She ended her slew of comments with a remark about the importance of "excellent content." “The film industry is through a transformation, and only good content will survive, so this isn't a bad time at all. It's time for a social purge. “Old empires will crumble, and new ones will arise,” Kangana wrote.

Kangana Ranaut gets set to star in several films shortly. 'Dhaakad,' 'Manikarnika Returns The Legend Of Didda,' and 'Emergency' are among the films in which she will appear. The actress gets recently cast as Goddess Sita in the period drama ‘The Incarnation - Sita.'

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