Jacksboro ISD cancels classes due to tornado damage
ByFunAsia 22 Mar 2022 09:19 AM 122

Jacksboro, a city 60 miles northwest of Fort Worth in Jack County, was hit hard by a twister Monday evening. Nine individuals were harmed, and a twister genuinely hurt the schools.

Classes are dropped for the rest of the week in the Jacksboro Independent School District.

Part of the rooftops at the elementary and secondary schools were detached. The dividers fell at the secondary school exercise center, and there is another harm to the grounds.

"It just carried tears to my eyes. I have resided here for a long time, and I love this spot. It is hard," said Starla Sanders, the Jacksboro High School head. "Haven't seen, yet I hear I don't have a rooftop on my own home. My children are protected, my better half is protected, and every one of the understudies is protected. That is the thing is significant."

Secondary school understudies who drove themselves to school were delivered early Monday as tempests rose. The individuals who ride the transport took cover inside the school, alongside staff.

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