Irving engineering students develop prosthetic to help middle schooler play violin
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Engineering students at Irving Nimitz High School are planning a prosthetic to help a center schooler brought into the world without an arm play the violin.

Since November, the students have been chipping away at this in their designing class and had the option to think of a functioning model is pretty much a month.

6th grader Khen Hoih was brought into the world without the lower part of his left arm; however, his pleased educators say, how about we let nothing keep him down.

"My sibling did symphony, and he said it very well may be a good time for you, yet you could see a few issues with your hand," Hoih reviewed.

[Journalist: "Were you deterred at all when you heard that?"]

"Not actually; I needed to play a bit," he answered.

So when he went to Lorenzo De Zavala Middle School needing to play violin in the ensemble, his instructors went to work figuring out how to help.

"Nothing has at any point held up traffic of him doing this, and we came to him toward the start of the year saying assuming this is the kind of thing you truly need to do, we're here to assist you with doing it in the manner we can," ensemble chief Jillian Attan-Castro said.

They carried the plan to senior designing students at adjacent Nimitz High School, where the gathering got to work conceptualizing thoughts.

Through loads of experimentation that included 3D printing, various bits of the task.

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