Internal audit found $250,000 in questionable spending by two Grapevine employees
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The city of Grapevine says an internal review found $250,000 in problematic spending by two senior city workers.

The case is not kidding enough that the Tarrant County DA requested a terrific jury examination.

The review found $250,000 in problematic exchanges, yet the two previous workers were simply requested to pay under $100,000 back. City pioneers need more responses.

This week, Grapevine City Manager Bruno Rumbelow needed to respond to inquiries regarding how two previous city chiefs purportedly piled up $250,000 in sketchy spending.

"It's my obligation; I am the person who employed them," he said. "I concluded the compensation sums."

Kevin Mitchell was a long-term Grapevine worker. Before his new retirement, he was the head of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Ruth Chiego was recruited as the Director of Grapevine Libraries in 2019.

The review observed Mitchell spent almost $187,000 in sketchy costs, as indicated by a Fort Worth Star-Telegram report. Those costs included lodging stays, flights, passes to football match-ups, and $23,000 in Apple items.

The review tracked down Chiego to have spent almost $70,000 in problematic costs for grass furniture and Amazon buys.

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