In Criminal Justice Season 3, Pankaj Tripathi will reprise his role as lawyer Madhav Mishra.
ByFunAsia 15 Oct 2021 12:27 AM 59

With its third season, Disney+ Hotstar's award-winning Hotstar Specials "Criminal Justice," starring actor Pankaj Tripathi as lawyer Madhav Mishra, will return. The third season, produced by Applause Entertainment in collaboration with BBC Studios India, will focus on the Indian juvenile justice and jail system.

In Criminal Justice Season 3, actor Pankaj Tripathi will reprise his role as lawyer Madhav Mishra. The creators released a video on Wednesday announcing that the new season will premiere soon.

Pankaj got seen in the film proudly displaying the results of his prior two cases from previous seasons. He also says that he's got his next criminal case, for which already done his "preparation and study," and that he'll start the legal process soon.

Pankaj also posted the same video on Instagram, writing, "Humne preparation to shurukar di hai ab aap ko Bhi revision chaalukar Dena chahiye!" The filming of #CriminalJustice3 is about to begin! @disneyplushotstar."

The Indian adaptation of the BBC Studios drama series of the same name is Criminal Justice. The third installment will be about India's "juvenile judicial and jail system," according to the producers.

Pankaj told, he is looking forward to everyone's favorite lawyer, Madhav Mishra, in the upcoming season. He holds the character in high regard because he says he gained a lot of knowledge from it. He also stated that the public see more of his character in the third installment. On Disney+ Hotstar, Criminal Justice is available to watch.

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