Hundreds of anti-abortion protests take place around the United States as a result of a Texas law.
ByFunAsia 03 Oct 2021 09:21 PM 158

Thousands of women marched on the Supreme Court, the Texas Capitol, and cities throughout the country on Saturday to protest state limitations on abortion. They are to urge for the preservation of a constitutional right to the operation.

A Texas statute prohibiting abortions after six weeks of pregnancy spurred the 660 demonstrations around the United States. The law, which went into force last month, is the country's most stringent.

Hundreds gathered in the Texas capital of Austin in the blazing heat to protest Governor Greg Abbott's so-called "heartbeat" law. It prohibits abortion if heart activity gets found in the embryo, which occurs at roughly six weeks. Most women realize they got pregnant and before 85 percent to 90 percent of all abortions get performed.

Ordinary people can receive at least $10,000 if they successfully sue anyone who assisted in the provision of unlawful abortion. It draws no distinctions between rape and incest.

Several campaigners believe the bill will backfire on lawmakers. Andrea Roberts, a 49-year-old preschool director in Austin, believes that more people are aware of safe abortions than our legislature recognizes.

Several demonstrators' placards and T-shirts featured Abort Abbott, while others had the Texas state slogan, Come and Take It, next to a uterine drawing.

Protesters marched to the United States Supreme Court two days before the justices reconvene for a session will consider a Mississippi case that could allow them to overturn abortion rights established in the famous 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

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