Home Depot's store on Forest Lane that was hit by an EF-3 tornado is all set to reopen
ByFunAsia 07 Oct 2020 07:41 AM 234

Dallas-based Home Depot store on Forest Lane that was hard hit by an EF-3 tornado is all set to reopen.


According to reports from the spokeswoman for Home Depot, the rebuilt store will be open to the public on Thursday. The store was closed since Oct. 20, 2019, when an EF-3 clobbered through North Dallas.


Further reports from the store’s manager stated that he had taken precautions after checking the weather conditions and had sent most of the employees home early.


Libby Wilson, a corporate spokeswoman for Home Depot, said,  “Rebuilding efforts were not easy, especially when you factor in the COVID-19 pandemic which brings additional challenges of its own. With the resilience of our team and the support of the community, we were able to rebuild and are thrilled to be back in our original location.”


The new store will have optimized checkout and customer service areas, modern storage and produce displays, and a place where customers can pick up their material from online purchases.


About 200 to 250 people were hired for this location, and Home Depot hopes to hire even more shortly.


The Home Depot on Forest Lane stayed in headlines multiple times over the past few years.


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