High school football program returns to schools
ByFunAsia 26 Sep 2020 09:09 PM 181

Long-awaited high school football programs kick-started in the state.


The 5A and 6A schools started about two months ago. A large number of teams of high schools are finally in action.


We could see so many offensive catches and defensive hits.


All band members wearing facemask is something that makes this season a bit different from previous ones.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, the UIL delayed the start of the season for the larger 5A and 6A schools by two months. Smaller schools slowed the program for one month.


Dee Hicks is cheering her nephew (a Denton Ryan High School player). Their season opener is part of the UIL’s 100 years of high school football celebration at AT&T Stadium on Friday.


Hicks said, “Once you start cheering, it’s a little different with the people not being around. That’s the biggest difference.”


Fans need to wear masks. Families are watching the program, maintaining social distancing.


Hicks added, “I’m a nurse. So I know if you wear a mask and you do hand hygiene, you’re good.”


Masks make it challenging to cheer, but safety comes first.

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