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Hackers used Waxahachie woman’s Facebook account for their notorious scheme
ByHarshal 06 Jan 2021 07:53 AM 30

According to a Waxahachie woman, she got no help from Facebook after hackers stole her identity.


An elaborate scam scheme was introduced at Tiffany Pointer’s Facebook contacts to ask for money in her name. She wants to know why it is so difficult for Facebook to find hackers who try to deceive online friends.

Pointer said, "I feel like it should have been simple."

Scammers changed her Facebook email and password and sent direct messages to Pointer's friends using a photo of a $9,800 check with Pointer's name on it.

As per the message, a government program is "Supporting people financially, I got $9,800 from the program, if you want, I can send you a link to apply now."

Pointer said, "Just because you're trying to not work and get a job like everyone else, I have to work. You're out there trying to scheme people."

The scammers pretended to be Pointer telling people who respond to deposit $380 into an ATM in Ennis.

Pointer added, "I don't want my name to be Tiffany is helping hackers mislead someone to get money. That's why I called Channel 4."

She is locked out of her account containing photos of her cousin who died a year ago.

When pointer tried to follow Facebook's guidelines for hacked accounts, she hit a series of dead ends. Her email originally associated with the hacked account can no longer be found.

Media contacted Facebook and received a quick response from a communications employee. About three hours after the initial response, we're told the company is continuing to work to resolve the issue.

"It's not just I want Facebook back, I want my memory back of my family members," Pointer said.

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