Group of Parents organize rogue homecoming dance after Northwest ISD refuses to hold one
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Northwest ISD says it's not holding a homecoming dance, regardless of having the game and the procession. It says it can't ensure understudy wellbeing.

Angry over the locale's turn, a group of parents chose to assume control over the issue.

They forked up their cash, discovered a setting and a DJ, and are presently offering passes to their homecoming dance.

The area says it won't have any substantial indoor exercises for the initial nine weeks. This incorporates moves. Nonetheless, a little gathering of guardians chose to design their very own homecoming dance off-site rapidly.

Monday was the first day tickets went at a bargain to students.

Jason Samons says ensuring his little girl Maslin's last year at Northwest High School in Justin, north of Fort Worth, is essential.

"Her. Us," he said.

"Recollections are essential to me," Maslin said.

One of the 17-year-old's #1 recollections is a homecoming. Be that as it may, for the second year straight, there won't be a homecoming dance.

Northwest ISD dropped the occasion, saying to some extent that it can't ensure understudies' wellbeing at a party where understudies will probably be close by other people and vis-à-vis.

Jason chose to collaborate with different guardians and toss their homecoming dance not associated with the region.

"They all got together via online media and begun arranging and setting up everything," he said.

The guardians immediately reserved an inn assembly hall in Southlake, costing near $15,000 alongside a DJ, food, and security.

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"We planned to make a pack in our family that we are going to carry on with a typical and not let this direct how we live," Jason said.

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