Granbury ISD teacher resigns after student burned because of a science experiment gone wrong
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A Granbury ISD center teacher resigned after a student experienced actual burning during a science experiment that turned out badly.

The area wouldn't agree on how long the instructor had been with the region and alluded to police for more data.

Granbury police are examining a science analysis that turned out badly at Granbury Middle School last Friday that handled a 12-year-old kid in the emergency clinic with serious burns to both of his hands.

"We figured out that the educator had been doing a science explore," made sense of Granbury Police Lt. Russell Grizzard. "They put hand sanitizer in the students' hands and lit it. They had done it on various occasions with different students over the day without occurrence."

He says the thought was to show the students how rapidly the liquor in the hand sanitizer would burn.

"This one, out of the blue, the fire didn't go out as expected," Grizzard said. "Furthermore, the 12-year-old had what we accept to be severely charred areas on his hands."

On Friday, Granbury ISD announced that the student was getting clinical consideration, and the educator had been put on semi-voluntary vacation.

Be that as it may, after four days, the region declared the 37-year-old instructor "surrendered and is not a representative of the school area."

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