Governor Greg Abbott dismisses Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's call for a fourth special legislative session.
ByFunAsia 22 Oct 2021 12:47 AM 39

Gov. Greg Abbott, resisted calls from his right-wing, sees no imminent need for a fourth extended parliamentary session, according to a spokesman on Wednesday. According to Abbott's press secretary, Renae Eze, the Legislature achieved a lot during the year's third public hearing, which concluded early Tuesday.

"There is no need for any public hearing at this moment because of the Texas House and Senate's work to bring these initiatives to completion," she said in a prepared declaration. Eze noted achievements on estate tax reductions, redistricting, and allocation of government COVID-19 relief funds as examples.

Lawmakers adjourned after approving legislation on six of the ten issues Abbott wanted them to address, including newly drawn political maps that could strengthen Republicans' hold on the state for the next decade. However, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick encouraged Abbott to call lawmakers back to Austin early Wednesday, saying "more needs to be done" on elections.

Patrick is a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, even though the Legislature spent much of the year wrangling over a broad "election integrity" measure, which they ultimately passed early last month. Trump has recently demanded a Texas law requiring an audit of the presidential election last November, despite winning the state by over six percentage points.

Senators approved a bill asking for a 2020 election forensic audit and allowing party officials and others to request inquiries by the secretary of state's office on future "irregularities."

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