Gov. Abbott to add Somervell County to disaster declaration
ByFunAsia 24 Jul 2022 09:22 AM 69

The Chalk Mountain wildfire has consumed more than 6,700 sections of land, with simply 10% regulation.
Sixteen homes have been destroyed.

Lead representative Greg Abbott was in Glen Rose Saturday morning to give updates on the fire circumstance.

"You must track down the positive in the easily overlooked details and pursue that," 25-year-old Ralph Darch Jr. said.
Darch realizes something about making the best of an overwhelming circumstance. He said, at the age of 6, a fire obliterated his family's home. Then, at that point, at 20 years old, he lost a leg.
"I was riding a bike to work, and a person ran a stop sign and hit me," he said.
Presently, Darch lost another home. One, he and his sweetheart inhabited Glen Canon Ranch in Somervell County. It's where he functions as a farm supervisor. Presently, rapidly spreading fires leave them with close to nothing.
"It's miserable, indeed, yet like he said, it works out, and that's how it is. Nothing remains at this point but to develop from here," Carleigh Funk added.
The family lost almost everything due to the rapidly spreading fires, from more modest items, similar to a coat rack, to bigger things, similar to vehicles.
They left their home with only whatever they might be wearing, and they said as they were driving off, somewhere out there, they could see smoke rising, and they understood everything would have been lost.

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