Garland police officer searching for a suspect accused of firing at a group playing soccer
ByFunAsia 09 May 2021 10:02 AM 147

Garland police are searching for a murder suspect who they say started shooting at a gathering playing soccer at a high rise Friday night.

One man was slaughtered, and specialists have effectively recognized who they are searching for.

Festoon police have given a capture warrant for Cuahutemoc Merlan, who is blamed for murdering 21-year-old Denver Josue Carrillo.

The apartment building where it happened is only a couple of miles from the police division.

Officials are out searching for Merlan, who they consider outfitted and perilous.

According to reports from officers, Merlan lives close to the casualty's condo, and he strolled over and began taking shots at the person in question and his companions while they were playing soccer in the yard.

"This presume fights against eminent loss a structure, shows a firearm, focuses it at them, discharge numerous rounds, strikes the person in question, at that point he turns the weapon on another person and attempts to shoot them. That individual was safe," said Garland PD Lt. Pedro Barineau.

The casualty was shot on different occasions and hurried to a clinic, where he kicked the bucket.

Police are not yet distinguishing the person in question.

Nonetheless, witnesses and companions distinguish the casualty as Carrillo.

One of his companions, who would not like to be recognized out of dread, said she was perched on an outdoor table watching her significant other play soccer with Carrillo when she just began hearing discharges.

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