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Funeral home van with body inside stolen from a convenience store in Missouri
ByHarshal 14 Feb 2021 11:57 AM 61

A Funeral home van with a body inside was stolen from a convenience store in Missouri when the driver went inside for some work and left the vehicle running.

According to reports from the St. Louis area officers, the white funeral van was stolen around 10 a.m. ET at a QuikTrip located in the 12000 block of Lusher Road. It was transporting the body of a woman, according to the local St. Louis Post-dispatch. Her body has not been recovered.

Further reports from the St. Louis County Police Department, the driver left the white 2012 Nissan NV1500 van running in the parking lot when two suspects hopped in and drove off. The department shared the surveillance images showing a man and woman, identified as "persons of interest" in the case.

The suspect is described as medium height, with black and gray hair wearing a navy and white baseball cap, a gray hoodie, dark pants, and a black ski mask at the time of the incident.

The woman is described as medium height with brown or red hair wearing a black jacket, dark pants, dark boots, and a black backpack.

The van has "William C Harris Funeral" decals displayed on its side and green wreaths with an "H" inside of them on the back, police said. It has the license plate number 5MDX73.

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