Frisco ISD has dashboard reporting COVID-19 cases at each campus
ByFunAsia 03 Sep 2020 10:27 PM 194

Frisco ISD has a dashboard reporting COVID-19 cases at each campus, and this board will be updated every hour.


The students returned to campus today, and the night before this day, 48 cases were reported.


Sue Park, whose son, Stephen, is a sophomore at Frisco’s Memorial High School, said, “I think the unknown is harder, right? Not knowing how it’s going to be,”


No correct information on the number of cases is available so far, but those feelings are amplified for Sue and Stephen as he packs his back to return to campus Thursday for the first face-to-face learning day. Sue said, “I think once things start, and they get back and get into a routine, I think they’ll feel a lot more comfortable about it.”


The school year started online learning on August 13. Parents were given an option to return to in-person learning beginning September 3.


The Parks opted for in-person learning. Stephen said, “It’s not anyone’s fault, but I hate it when Zoom all of the sudden freezes, and it logs me out. I end up missing something the teacher says, and it’s frustrating,”


Allen ISD’s dashboard reporting COVID-19 cases went online Wednesday.

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