Four Juveniles into custody for beating, robbing off-duty Arlington police officer
ByFunAsia 28 Jan 2021 07:55 AM 150

Police officers arrested four juveniles for beating and robbing an off-duty Arlington police officer outside a convenience store.

The robbery incident took place at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday after the officer had just gotten off of work. He stopped at a QT and was attacked.

Three attackers jumped an off-duty Arlington officer at the Division and Collins streets and robbed him at gunpoint when he was pumping gas. A fourth suspect was waiting inside the getaway car.

Arlington PD Lt. Christopher Cook said, "He kind of crouched down to avoid being assaulted further. At that point, they demanded his personal property."

By Wednesday afternoon, officers spotted the suspects’ vehicle, a stolen white sedan and it was that time the officers pulled over in Dallas.

Three juveniles were then arrested. The fourth suspect was later arrested as well.

An off-duty Arlington officer had just ended his shift. Lt. Cook explained, "He was wearing a regular jacket, so I don’t think he was targeted because he’s an Arlington officer, probably it was a crime of opportunity."

The officer had removed his uniform shirt and belt bag and kept them inside his vehicle so the suspects were unaware of their target.

Police officers said that his reaction at that point, deciding not to shoot, is worth noting.

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