Foster care professionals spoke at a town hall meeting in Dallas about the demands of aiding children in an overburdened system.
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Days without sleep, 36 hours of weekly overtime, deteriorating mental health, disregarded 911 calls, and "total and utter pandemonium" are some of the working circumstances cited by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services personnel as the state's foster care capacity crisis continues.

A town hall gathering in Dallas on Saturday afternoon intended to find short- and long-term solutions to the rising number of children without placements or CWOPs. Members of the Texas State Employees Union hosted the discussion, presented to a panel of state and local leaders at the Dallas County Democratic Party headquarters.

Children are still sleeping in improvised locations, such as on cots in CPS offices, motels, and churches, despite a decade-old federal lawsuit over circumstances in Texas' system of long-term foster care.

Sue Ann Ruth, who began working with CPS in 1981 and spent 30 years there, stated, "If I had ever brought a child to a motel overnight, I would have to get fired." "You're all aware that CWOP is putting a child in an unlawful housing arrangement and that everyone here is breaching the law." It's inexplicable that the state expects you to do it."

Children's Rights, a national advocacy group located in New York, filed a lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott in 2011, and the case advanced with a court filing and announcements in late October. The sides decided to seek nonbinding advice on how to resolve the problem from three outside experts.

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