Fort Worth: The City is looking for volunteers to cleanup Trinity River trash
ByFunAsia 27 Aug 2022 09:54 AM 41

Fort Worth is looking for volunteers to ease up a considerable amount of trash across the Trinity River.

A lot of the trash is the result of the flooding rain we got earlier this week.

Runoff drains into the river, and any litter around washes in there with the rainwater.

The metropolis's clean-up effort started Thursday and could maintain through the weekend.
Just below the Fourth Street Bridge close to Downtown Fort Worth, we determined Derrick Moon on a Friday afternoon day out, along with his son, Enzo, searching out fish. Instead, they found a collection of floating debris along the banks of the Trinity River.

"There's water bottles. There's wood, lots of Styrofoam, and Gatorade bottles. It's quite awful," he stated.

After Monday's torrential rain, Fort Worth Code Compliance and the Trinity River Authority, and Trinity River Water District commenced sending out scouts looking for regions with particles and trash construction up.

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