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Fort Worth Police Department showed off the new helicopter to fight crime
ByHarshal 09 Jan 2021 08:42 AM 104

The Fort Worth Police Department showed off its newest tool to fight crime on Friday.

Fort Worth-based Bell introduced a 505 Jet Ranger X helicopter for its department.

According to the latest reports from the Police officers, the helicopter comes with state-of-the-art equipment, including infrared cameras and a public address system.

Retiring FWPD Chief Ed Kraus said the most exciting feature is the new video downlink feature. Kraus said, "The video that they are taking in the air can be broadcast back down to the street level or the officer level so we can see what they're seeing. So if we have a barricaded subject, the SWAT commanders can see what’s going on from the helicopter with the birds-eye view."

Fort Worth paid nearly $4.5 million to replace its old helicopter.

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