Fort Worth ISD planning to add GPS trackers to buses after some school kids were dropped off carelessly
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Fort Worth ISD has agreed to spend about $80,000 to install GPS trackers on school transport.
Nonetheless, it comes as a limited consolidation to a gathering of guardians who say their children have been more than once dropped off in wrong neighborhood.

In a few days, FWISD will concur with T-Mobile to enact GPS trackers on locale transports and vehicles. A week and a half after, seven kids were left at a stop a half-pretty far from where they should be dropped off.
You can hear the disappointment in Gloria Williams' voice, a mother of two Daggett Primary School understudies dropped off at some unacceptable bus station after school on Sept 16. She was at home while her 12-year-old little girl, Cielo Vaca, strolled around the corner to get her 8 and 9-year-old sisters.

"One of the guardians got a call saying they dropped them off around there.," Cielo said.

Meaning a half pretty far in something else entirely.

"I was befuddled, so I ran around there with her," Cielo said.

Kids panicked about how to return home.
"Every one of the children was crying," Cielo said.
Williams, alongside different guardians, says they need answers regarding how the mistake might have occurred.

Last week, the school district addressed the incident saying it had plans to add "technical enhancements throughout" the fleet and that they were "working with transportation staff to strengthen consistency in cross-training." But they did not provide additional details.

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