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Fort Worth ISD delays face to face learning until October 19
ByHarshal 23 Sep 2020 09:22 PM 114

Fort Worth ISD students will resume two more weeks of [email protected] learning after trustees voted for an extension of virtual learning early Wednesday morning.


In a 5-4 vote, trustees decided to delay face to face learning and extend online education and give students the option to return to the classroom until October 19 instead of October 5.


Initially, the board decided to extend virtual learning for four weeks, but that was voted down.


The last meeting lasted nearly 11 hours and included almost 200 parents, teachers, and trustees' passionate opinions.


Board president Jacinto Ramos, Jr. spoke wrapped up about 3:30 a.m and said, "This board had a long set of dialogues specifically around the safety of our children and our staff and our educators and community at large that's what took us deep into the night."


As the meeting started on Tuesday, Teachers and their supporters protested outside the meeting and asked the board to reconsider their health and keep students home.


District 9 Trustee Ashley Paz hoped for a longer delay and said, "I'm not happy with two weeks."  "I'm going to approve it because two weeks is better than no weeks."


One group of teachers and parents sent an email to the trustees signing a petition asking them to bring students back to school on October 5.

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