Florida moves to partial Phase 3 reopening of state
ByFunAsia 26 Sep 2020 10:12 PM 250

Florida moves into the partial phase 3 of the state's reporting as the Governor ordered to remove the restaurants' cap on occupancy.


Yesterday, the Governor said Phase 3 would start immediately in Florida, and released an executive order addressing three things: restaurant capacity, fines for noncompliance, and the right to work.


Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that new orders remove the cap from the restaurant. The order also said that businesses have the right to be re-opened.

He said, "Every business has a right to operate... you can't just say 'no' after six months and have people twisting in the wind."

The order does not allow local government to take fines from people who don't wear face masks in public.

On Thursday, the Governor gave a clue that he is planning to remove the restrictions on restaurants' occupancy. At the same time, he understands there is a chance of a spread of the coronavirus, "we can't have these businesses dying."


He said, "I don't think that the closure of restaurants has proven to be effective."

"I get how you could potentially have spread there. … But we can't have these businesses dying. So, they're not going to be able to be closed by locals anymore. And they will be able to operate at the capacity that they're comfortable with."

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