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FEMA delivers more pallets of bottled water to North Texans
ByHarshal 23 Feb 2021 09:07 AM 3

Boil water orders have been removed from Fort Worth and Arlington, but the water problems continue to panic residents.

FEMA delivered more pallets of bottled water for residents on Monday struggling to get some.

According to reports from the media, volunteers delivered water to an apartment complex without access to water.

No doubt, The ice has melted and the lights are back on, at the Manhattan Park apartment complex in Arlington, the residents are still dealing with dry faucets.

There are residents like 13-year-old Keymoura Gatewood who has tried to add the pressure of finding water and trying to make it last. She said, "We’ve been trying to divide the water."

Originally from New York, Glenda Smith is used to winter weather. She said, "I’m used to the cold."

"But with no water and lost food that was in the freezer, it’s been rough."

But in Arlington, Texas, Smith is forced to warm bottled water to take bathe. So Monday’s delivery of emergency water from FEMA was right on time.

Non-profit Mission Arlington received nearly 600 cases of water from FEMA on Monday. Executive Director Tillie Bergin says volunteers have been busy loading up trucks.

"We’re making the deliveries to the folks when they call us and say they have a need," he said.

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