Fair Park's Hall of State needs another multi-million dollar in repairs after winter storm damage
ByFunAsia 30 Mar 2021 09:15 AM 263

Fair Park’s Hall of State needs another multi-million dollar to repair damage due to February’s winter storm.

According to estimates from the officers, the Hall of State needs another $3 million for the repair job.


Karl Chaio, executive director, Dallas Historical Society said, "It's like Groundhog Day when you realize we just did this, but need to do it again."

Chaio talked to the media and took a quick tour of the Hall of State on Monday to show what the historic winter storm did to the Dallas landmark that had just re-opened after a $14 million restoration project. He said, "We were afraid that part of the ceiling would collapse, you can see the cracks."

Chaio also said the Hall of Heroes had just completed the ceiling work as a part of their renovation project but 25 percent of that has been damaged by the storm.

The main culprit for this damage throughout the building was fire sprinklers that burst in the East Texas room. He said, "If you look up you will see sprinkler, it was shooting across to the other side, spraying."

The pics show visible damage on the walls and mural.

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