Electric rental scooters expected to return to Dallas soon
ByFunAsia 22 Jun 2022 11:36 AM 38

The Dallas City Council will decide on an arrangement to bring back electric rental bikes.
The city requested rental organizations like Uber, Lyft, and Bird stop tasks in 2020 because of security concerns and public grievances.
The bikes were deserted on walkways, and clients weren't adhering to the guidelines.
New standards would restrict the number of bikes and where they can be utilized.
Clients need to send a photograph to the rental organization to demonstrate they left the bike appropriately stopped or face a $20 punishment charge.
The bikes would be turned down by the rental organizations from a distance at 9 p.m.
Organizations that consider their bikes and keep them tidied up would be permitted to have more bikes in the city.
Assuming the city chamber endorses Wednesday, the bikes could return by October.

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