Donald Trump's Palm Beach club partially closed because of a COVID outbreak
ByFunAsia 20 Mar 2021 09:38 AM 206

Former President Donald Trump's Palm Beach club has been partially closed because of a COVID outbreak.

According to reports from several people familiar with the situation, including a club member who received a phone call about the closure Friday. A receptionist at the Mar-a-Lago club confirmed the news and said that the club is closed until further notice, but declined to comment further.

A person familiar with club operations said that the club has been partially closed out of an abundance of caution “for a short period" and had quarantined some of its workers.

No information on the extent of the outbreak, what portions of the club were closed, or how it was affecting the former first family has been disclosed so far.

Trump moved to Mar-a-Lago after leaving Washington in January and has spent the weeks since laying low, golfing, dining with friends, meeting with Republican party leaders, and plotting his political future as he considers running again in 2024.

Trump's representatives did not come forward to comment.

Trump was hospitalized with COVID last fall and has since been vaccinated against the virus.

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