DFW Refugee Outreach Services helping Afghan refugees who arrive in North Texas
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DFW Refugee Outreach Services is helping 35 families from Afghanistan who've shown up during the previous fourteen days, and more are coming.

One evacuee who showed up in North Texas said he helped save many lives working close by U.S. extraordinary powers.

He's currently trusting the U.S. can save the existence of a portion of his friends and family back home by getting them here to the United States.

The 33-year-old Afghan refugee, who has a spouse and four kids,said he worked next to each other with U.S. extraordinary powers, however escaped the only home he knew only fourteen days prior and is presently in North Texas.

"I do a ton of mission with unique American powers," he said with the help of an interpreter. "My sibling in the Kabul air terminal at present."

His better half and four kids are in North Texas with him. However, he stresses over relatives still in Kabul. Ones who additionally battled close by American soldiers are currently focused on the Taliban.

He said he was enrolled by Americans at age 18 to diffuse bombs as a feature of the Afghan public mine evacuation bunch. His siblings battled as well.

In any case, one of his more seasoned siblings was killed while getting ready to leave this month since he's a U.S. partner.

"One of my siblings was shot by the Taliban," he said. "Two magazines. They shot in the stomach, in the face, in the neck… He was on a bicycle, they killed him coming, and afterward, they tossed him in the mountains. Following three days, they tracked down his dead body."

DFW Refugee Outreach Services is helping many exile families from Afghanistan by setting them in lofts with everyday family things and attempting to work with favorable circumstances in the states.

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"They abandoned everything," said Abdul Qahar Kahn, with DFW Refugee Outreach Services.

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