DFW Airport cancels multi-billion-dollar expansion project amid coronavirus pandemic
ByFunAsia 19 Aug 2020 07:40 PM 268

DFW International Airport known for creating jobs for tens of thousands of North Texans says that more people are traveling these days.


But the CEO of the airport expects to see a drop in the travel rate after Labor Day. That means their expansion project that was supposed to go on the floor has been put on hold.


The CEO of DFW International stated that people have started returning to air travel for their summer vacations and he expects that business travel will remain at a standstill due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


DFW Airport has planned to suspend plans for its $3 billion Terminal F.


DFW Airport CEO Sean Donohue said that spending a lot of money right now, not knowing the recovery plan of thousands of Americans, is not just the right thing to do at this point.


According to a researching firm, in July, DFW Airport was the busiest in the world. Though the Airport isn’t celebrating that but feels glad that people have started coming back to normal.


But as the summer vacations come close, the airport suspects a multi-billion dollar project for the better.


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