Denton police officer to be honored who survived after being shot in the line of duty
ByFunAsia 26 Oct 2020 09:59 AM 150

A Denton police officer will be honored Monday. He is being praised after one year of the day he was in the line of duty.

Last October Month, Officer Urban Rodriguez, Jr. was critically injured when a car passenger he’d pulled overshot him twice in the head and leg.

Officer was rushed to the hospital immediately. After being released from the hospital, he spent part of the year at an out-of-state rehab facility. Though, he continued to recover but is now permanently disabled.

He will be honored at an award ceremony Monday afternoon. The officers and other people who helped find the suspect accused of shooting him will be honored as well.

The suspected shooter, Antwon Pinkston, is facing an attempted capital murder charge.

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