Denton County ERs wait time reaches up to 10-hours due to increasing COVID cases
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Denton County's public health officer is announcing ER stand-by times at its clinics can be up to 10 hours or more. That is because they're being overwhelmed by COVID patients.

"One of the most disturbing things on medical clinic limit that is occurred in each wave and is currently occurring with omicron is the thing that they call an ER hold," clarified County Health Director Matt Richardson.

So, it implies there aren't sufficient medical clinic beds for patients in the trauma center, leaving them in a lounge area for significant periods.

"Some are hours, and some are numerous hours, perhaps twofold digit hours, in the ER sitting tight for a staffed bed," Richardson said.

That strain on assets and staff is additionally affecting Denton County ICUs.

On Tuesday, Richardson itemized his most recent conversation with clinic executives on the issue.

"They detailed ICU beds are more enthusiastically to staff," he said. "They detailed by and large up to 20% truancy in their current staff. That is a major, enormous number."

As of Monday, 93% of the area's ICU beds are complete, and just six are accessible countywide.

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Utilizing state assets, the Regional Advisory Committee on Trauma has appointed a few medical caretakers to Denton County emergency clinics.

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