Dallas Zoo celebrating the birth of three African lion cubs
ByFunAsia 08 Sep 2020 11:22 PM 353

Dallas Zoo celebrated the birth of three African lion cubs.


The male one is called Izwi, which means “vocal.” The females are Ilola and Tadala, meaning “to become strong” and “we have been blessed.”


This is the first time since 1974 that the Dallas Zoo has celebrated the arrival of a litter of multiple lion cubs.


Gregg Hudson, the zoo’s president, and CEO said, “These three cubs are the embodiment of resiliency, strength, and hope, which we hope can be a bright spot in our community right now,”


These Lion cubs were delivered via c-section after their mother failed to deliver on time and ended up in unsafe situations for all, mom and her three cubs.


All three newly born are doing well and bonding with their mother, Bahati, behind the scenes.


They will mark their debut in public in a few weeks and then be introduced to the rest of the zoo’s lion pride.


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