Dallas to indulge in technology partnerships to create a hub for high-tech jobs
ByFunAsia 24 Oct 2020 07:59 AM 222

Five metro areas in the U.S. have been claiming 90% of all growth in innovator sector jobs over the past 15 years.

Dallas is not counted among them, but two new digital partnerships may change to make Dallas a high-tech hub with a tech-ready workforce.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson made an announcement and said a two-year digital alliance agreement with Microsoft would frame future economic development.

Johnson said, "This alliance will work to build on existing and growing expertise in North Texas to make our city a hub for artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and autonomous vehicle design and development."

Raamel Mitchell, with Microsoft, said, "We believe the efforts around a smart city that will be explored here around innovation and entrepreneurship will do just that."

Brookins Institute Research Group will also work with the city to develop a local strategy for artificial intelligence, and digital transformation as technology builds the economy.

Dallas Mayor announced its connection with Microsoft and also revealed that another partnership also coming online to extend upskilling technology programs absolutely free.

Sean Segal, with Generation Non-Profit, said, "Where for 10-12 weeks they're going through an intensive boot camp. It's 40 hours per week."

"During that time, they will go from having no tech experience to being certified in Java or junior Web or cloud, depending on which program they select into."

Unemployed Black, Latinx, and others without a college degree will be the prime targets.

Non-Profit Generation will join Verizon in its Citizen Verizon Campaign.

Verizon committed $44 million nationwide to help underserved communities affected by the pandemic and protest.

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