Dallas mayor calls for an audit of the police overtime budget
ByFunAsia 22 Dec 2020 11:24 AM 112

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson called for an audit of how the Dallas Police Department uses its overtime money.

This call comes two months after the Dallas City Council passed a budget, reducing $7 million from police overtime.

The mayor wasn't present Monday to talk about the audit. Those who remember, Johnson was the one who didn't want to cut any dollars from the police overtime budget and in fact, proposed defunding the bureaucracy by cutting salaries of top-paid city employees by close to the $7 million that was taken from police overtime.

Now Mayor Johnson is requesting the city auditors to check how police spend OT funds.

He said, "If the police overtime budget has been abused or mismanaged, especially to the tune of $7 million, the people of Dallas deserve to know." "And we will need city management to take steps to correct any problems."

Councilmember Paula Blackmon is part of a majority that voted in September to take $7 million from police overtime to pay for various services, including hiring civilians to get officers out of desk jobs and back on the street. She also said, "I don't believe there was any criminal intent or abuses."

"I just think controls and modernization are what is needed."

Since the start of the new fiscal year in October, police have spent $4.3 million in overtime.

"I think they're gonna see when they do this audit that we're either on par or awe're over where they think we would have been with overtime at this present moment," said Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata.

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