Dallas may experience severe storms,' including isolated tornadoes and downpours, on Sunday.
ByFunAsia 10 Oct 2021 11:20 PM 39

According to AccuWeather analysts, a wave of severe storms, including heavy rain, isolated tornadoes, and savage gusts of wind, could reach the Dallas-Fort Worth area this Sunday evening.

The first week of October brought delightfully comfortable weather to Dallas. AccuWeather is now warning that the “warm and peaceful start to the month” is about to end. It is due to “the possibility of severe storms [becoming] a major concern in the days ahead.”

We had our suspicions when we peered out the window of the Observer's office and saw the sun still scorching in the sky. So we did what any self-respecting investigative team would do in such a situation. We did what any crack team of self-respecting investigative journalists would do in such a situation: we did what any self-respecting investigative journalist would, Pete Delkus. The weather forecaster at WFAA has a Twitter account.

We realized that our editor had wanted a weather article and got back to work after spending ten or so minutes (read: an hour, maybe more) gazing at images of his very gorgeous dog, a 10-week-old pup named Annie.

Pete had predicted the weather for Sunday, as we had expected. On Thursday night, he tweeted about the possibility of storms, which may put a damper on our weekend.

Another threat of "severe storms" is expected for Tuesday and Wednesday, according to Texas Storm Chasers. "On Tuesday and maybe Wednesday, a powerful upper-level storm system will bring another opportunity for severe thunderstorms to Texas," they stated.

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