Dallas ISD to consider waiving off fall end-of-semester exams
ByFunAsia 05 Dec 2020 07:39 AM 235

Dallas ISD to consider waiving off this semester's final exams that are typically worth about 10 to 15% of students' grades.

According to District officials, this move will lift the pressure off teachers and students, and they still have a plan to assess their performance.

The board isn’t planning to vote on this until their next meeting, but many trustees appear to support the measure to help relieve some stress from this school year.

In an unusual school year, Dallas ISD is expected to waive off the ACP, the end-of-semester test.

Dallas ISD Chief Academic Officer Shannon Trejo said, “Providing relief to the campuses related to all the stress-induced issues due to COVID.”

“Lots of things going on with teachers. Lots of things going on with campus leaders. and it’s causing a lot of stress on the system.”

The ACP accounts for 10% of a middle schooler’s semester grade and 15% for high schoolers. It helps them to evaluate teachers’ performance and their compensation.

Rena Honea with Alliance AFT, representing Dallas ISD employees, said that waiving off the ACP will help reduce the teacher and student stress and gives classes more time to catch up on big learning gaps.

She added, “To not have to be worried about that, to not have to put that stress on themselves and the students. They feel like it’ll give more time for instruction, which they’re trying to close those gaps.”

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