Dallas ISD officers going home to home to get their students back to school
ByFunAsia 08 Feb 2021 08:15 AM 202

Dallas ISD is worried about the dropping number of students since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

When some parents were asked about the reason for absences, they are not able to get a response. So now, they are going door-to-door to get students back in school.

Dallas ISD officials are going door-to-door to visit absent students, like 17-year-old Jadon, a junior at Kimball High School in Oak Cliff, who said he’s been learning virtually but is skipping classes.

Jadon said, "Out of the 10 classes, I usually attend about like five, five to six," "I’m not going to lie, like, when I’m done with school I go to work. So, like, most of the time, I felt unmotivated to go just to like login and everything."

It’s a difficult situation for students like Jadon. He added, "Chaotic. I’m going, to be honest. It’s very chaotic."

But his father said something needs to be changed. He had to enroll his son back to the school because of the fact that his grades were slipping. He changed to in-person now.

Dallas ISD, like many districts across the country, is seeing a record number of absences. District leaders are now checking in on families they’ve been unable to reach by phone.

Dallas ISD Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova said, "Doing this is going to help us learn more about what’s in the way,"

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