Dallas' hospital Rehab program focuses on so-called COVID-19 long haulers
ByFunAsia 23 Feb 2021 09:16 AM 93

Recovery from COVID-19 may take weeks. Some patients are taking a long time to recover. That’s the reason why UT Southwestern Medical Center has come up with a rehab program to focus on the virus.

This the first-ever program to help so-called "long haulers," or people who have lingering effects after recovering such as breathing and stamina problems or cognitive loss.

Dr. Kathleen Bell, the chair of rehabilitation at UT Southwestern said, "What we’re seeing and what we’re seeing from some of the medical literature is that probably the most common problems are fatigue and muscle weakness. There are some other issues that people complain about commonly such as a cognitive fog or difficulty with thinking. There are also some issues in a smaller group of people with some neurological dysfunction, dizziness, or problems with cardiac arrhythmia. And some people still have some problems with respiratory function for at least some months afterward,"

It is surprising to know that people under "long haulers" aren’t just senior citizens but doctors are seeing problems lingering around people of ages the 20s to 80s.

Dr. Bell said "For sure the people that have been hospitalized, probably about 30% of them at six months are still experiencing problems with weakness and still recovering. But we are also starting to see that there are more and more people who never have been hospitalized but maybe had what we would call moderate courses of coronavirus who isolated at home for perhaps three, four, or five weeks who are also having difficulties in some of these areas."

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