Dallas health care nurses share their perspective as they look after COVID-19 patients on Christmas
ByFunAsia 27 Dec 2020 10:00 AM 165

Working Christmas Day is not something out of the ordinary for healthcare workers. This holiday season, health care nurses care for patients during a pandemic, and the deadliest weeks in Dallas County.

Nurses’ perspective was shared on Christmas Day during a pandemic.

ER nurse Rose Mannas said, "We are called to help, we are called to go above and beyond for strangers, and it’s hard."

ER nurse Lori Palumbo said, "Normally, I would not be here tonight, but COVID has changed my plans like I’m sure it’s changed a lot of peoples’ plans. We are short-staffed and trying to make the best of it."

The nurses are away from their families and working all day even during the Christmas holiday, to care for the loved ones of others.

Nurse Charlotte Butler said, "We have seen a lot of positive cases the last few weeks."

"It’s not easy to tell a parent that their child has tested positive for COVID and that they can’t see their loved ones during the holidays."

Palumbo added, "Pandemic, at times, has been challenging, and at other times, it has brought our team closer together and we are there for the patients because no one else can be there with them."

Mannas said, "You need to get up and get dressed and put your badge on and tell these patients that it’s going to be okay because no one else will tell them today."

"And even if they don't make it, you have to make them feel like they will so they can have a chance."

On Christmas, there were 3,346 COVID-19 patients in North Texas hospitals, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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