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Dallas County to spend roughly $5 million more on COVID-19 vaccination efforts
ByHarshal 29 Jan 2021 08:01 AM 39

Wednesday Morning Dallas County commissioners agreed to spend around $5 million more on COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

The money will be used to make the entire vaccination process simpler.

About $4 million will be given to a call center run by a private company. The rest will go toward education campaigns and a paperless registration system, which relies on people having and using the technology to make it work.

It is still not clear whether these plans will help reduce waiting time or not.

County officials say the $5 million price tag will be paid for with grant money the county received from the federal government.

This is a big amount and shows that things aren’t going as smoothly as they were planned to be.

There was a long line of vehicles Wednesday waiting to enter Fair Park for Dallas County’s COVID-19 vaccination site. People had to wait for 20minutes to 2 hours.

As vaccination efforts continue to protect people, their registration was the main topic of concern in the Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting.

Wednesday evening, commissioners approved more than $5 million in contracts.

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