Dallas County may consider QR code system for vaccine registration
ByFunAsia 24 Jan 2021 09:00 AM 137

Dallas County’s vaccination site at Fair Park will remain closed this weekend.

They don’t have COVID-19 vaccines until Monday. By that time, county leaders are making efforts to deliver vaccinations to the ones who need it most.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said, "But we have a lot more demand than we have the supply."

Jenkins said that the county commissioners will be voting on an emergency contract next week to come up with a QR code system to make sure that the person registering for vaccination should actually get it.

Last week, a failure in the online registration system permitted people who are not 75 and older to get the appointments. This is a major issue for now as the vaccines are limited.

Jenkins said that the county can issue, roughly, 3,000 vaccines a day and the QR code system will speed up the vaccination process at Fair Park. He said, "Means that we can probably do about twice as many people an hour when the vaccines are available. So we can do like 6,000 a day, now we only get 9,000 a week right now, but we’ve got to build that throughout for when we get more vaccine."

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