Dallas County homeowners protesting massive property tax assessments
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After getting massive property tax assessments, two mortgage holders highlighted on media say they fought the amount and won.

North Texans still have time to fight their evaluations in short order.
The Dallas Central Appraisal District expresses that more than 170,000 property holders fought their new examination esteems a year ago. This year — it very well may be much more.
Property holders are retaliating, and Dallas County authorities say they ought to.
"This is the potential chance to dissent so we can get that right worth," said Cheryl Jordan with the Dallas Central Appraisal District.

Media talked with Lakewood's Katie Menzer last month. Her home's reasonably estimated worth bounced from $508,000 to almost $745,000.
"The cash that I was paying for my home loan will go to my local charges, all things being equal," she said.
Menzer says they were local charges she couldn't manage, so she dissented and sent many photographs itemizing issues with her home.
"It's not great for your inner self. You sort of need to abandon your modesty," they said. "I wound up calling them. 'Everything I can manage is $660,000.' And I was like, alright! It's about an $80,000 decline."
North Oak Cliff's Barry Heebner likewise talked with media last month.
"Try not to allow individuals to run over you simply," he said. "Can't bear to leave. Can't bear to remain."
Heebner's worth hopped from $317,000 to $381,000. In the wake of battling it, it was brought down by almost $50,000.

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