Dallas County experiencing a shortage of flu shots
ByFunAsia 07 Oct 2020 11:14 PM 156

During the trending coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing flu season has forced health experts to urge people to get a flu shot. In Dallas County, the officials are complaining that they are running short of supply.


According to the Dallas County Health and Human Services Director, Dr. Philip Huang, he expects the next shipment of vaccines soon.


Commissioner John Wiley Price raised a question and said, “You’ve got to give us more than we’re having problems with the supply.”


Commissioner Elba Garcia asked, “How behind will we be in providing vaccinations as soon as possible.”


Huang replied to these questions and said, “With the scheduled events we’ve had so far, we’ve almost accounted for all that we have.”


He also added that he expects the next shipment of 5,000 doses this month only.


He asked people who have insurance to get a flu shot at retail or drug stores because most of them have flu shot supplies still available.


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