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Dallas County COVID-19 vaccine mega site to vaccinate 75-plus this week
ByHarshal 20 Jan 2021 07:19 AM 33

The second week of the COVID-19 vaccine in Dallas County kick-started today at the Fair Park mega-site.


According to the County health officials, they are trying to vaccinate the most vulnerable people first.

Last week, 12,000 shots were administered, and now the county has about 6,000 doses remaining for this week. These doses are focused on people aged 75-plus, even though the government says that the vaccine should be given to those 65 and over or those with certain conditions.

Some county leaders questioned why the county is further restricting the eligible group. J.J. Koch, Dallas County Commissioner said, "At least with the federal guidelines there’s a year of life lost factored into the calculation. That’s why they don’t have a 75 or 85. You target 65 because years of life lost after 65 is very significant. Years of life lost after 85 is not so much."

Dallas County Health Director Philip Huang says 75 and over is the most vulnerable group expected to die from COVID-19.

There were also questions about who’s received the vaccine so far. County maps show dark blue areas with the highest vaccinations reported include zip codes for North Dallas and University Park, among several in the city center.

Huang says part of that is where major hospitals are located. Another map of those receiving shots from only the county health department or Parkland shows more vulnerable populations are being reached.

Judge Clay Jenkins said, "We have enough black people who are 75 and above who have signed up so we can have the correct demographic mix for some time forward and have a fair representation of Blacks and Hispanics at 75-plus."

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