Dallas County and other North Texas communities have a deadline to meet to avoid losing rental assistance funds.
ByFunAsia 12 Nov 2021 07:57 PM 172

Dallas County and three other North Texas communities face a total loss of roughly $4.5 million if they don't come up with measures by Monday to make COVID-19 rent assistance simpler for tenants and landlords.

Early this week, Texas housing advocates raised the alarm about a deadline that may result in the loss of millions of dollars in emergency rental assistance money from more than a dozen Texas cities and counties.

According to a Texas Housers examination of US Treasury statistics from September, Dallas and Tarrant counties, as well as the cities of Arlington and Garland, are among the most vulnerable. Texas Housers is a non-profit organization that promotes affordable housing solutions.

The Interim Renting Support Program got included in the federal money legislation that provided stimulus spending money and kept the administration open after last year. It gets included $25 billion in spending for state and local governments to help displaced tenants.

The Monday deadline applies to local governments' tardiness to distribute rent relief funds and compels them to submit reform plans to avoid losing up to 30% of the funds. According to Texas Housers, this equates to nearly $2.3 million for Dallas County.

Dallas County had spent 21% of the $27 million it had received as of September. That falls short of the US Treasury's 30 percent disbursal standard, putting the county at risk of having cash snatched back and reallocated elsewhere.


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