Dallas City introduces New traffic patterns to make roads safer for drivers, nearby residents
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The city of Dallas sees ways to make roads more secure after a high-speed crash incident killed a 48-year-elderly person who was out trimming a close by grass.

The mishap occurred off Jefferson and Winnetka on July 19.

Neighbors have been in touch with the city to complete something, and presently the city is directing a traffic study to take a gander at arrangements.

Beginning Saturday, six paths of Jefferson, from Polk to Hampton, will go down to four ways for the following three months.

The city is seeing approaches to make the street more secure due to occupant concerns and after last month's misfortune.

"So, it flew noticeably all around, similar to 20 feet into the yard, and struck him and killed him," Terry Neyland reviewed.

It's been a little more than a month since Armando Leija Esparza was killed in the Winnetka Heights Neighborhood.

The memory of that day has remained with a few neighbors who saw it.

"The blue vehicle cut the front of the truck and in a real sense dispatched into the air and flew seven, eight, ten feet noticeable all around, turning," Neyland said.

Neyland was out strolling her canine when she saw a blue Honda Civic speeding down Jefferson.

"It was truly upsetting; it was shocking and upsetting. I will not say it was unforeseen, however," she said.

Police said the driver ran a red light and was going 76 miles an hour on a 30 mile an hour street. He's accused of homicide for Esparza's demise.

For neighbors, speeding along Jefferson Boulevard has become an issue they've seen turn dangerous previously.

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"Consistently, they're speeding through here. On the off chance that they don't see a squad car, they're okay," Joyce Arnold said.

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