Dallas City introduces a new mapping tool to help track coyote sightings
ByFunAsia 24 Jan 2023 11:25 AM 49

The city of Dallas has another coyote mapping tool accessible to help both the city and the public track coyote behavior in areas.
The city will screen coyote movement to decide whether coyotes are becoming too agreeable in a specific area.
The city's intuitive guide shows coyote sightings all around Dallas, and the city anticipates that sightings should increase in the spring.

After a coyote attacked a toddler on his front porch in Lake Highlands last May, Dallas began working on a coyote management plan. An important part of the plan is the interactive map that is now available to the public.

Paul Ramon is the associate overseer of Dallas Creature Administrations. He says the guide tracks coyote sightings and experiences and goes after announcements through the hotline or the site.
The guide will assist with making DAS aware of coyote problem areas that should be tended to.

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